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Discount Fireworks of Texas

Now serving Dallas, Ft Worth, Waco, Austin & Houston Metro Areas with name brand products at wholesale prices.
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Wedding Sparklers

Special Order Only

Available All Year in Texas

Wedding Sparklers (288 Sparklers, includes freight) ................$150.00
We can supply your wedding sparkler needs 360 days a year.  We currently  ship BlackCat 20inch sparklers

by the case (288 sparklers) for $150.00 including freight anywhere in the USA (Except California, Alaska and Hawaii.).


It takes 2 business days to ship the product, so don't wait till the last minute.  These sparklers are smokeless,

 easy lite and last about 2minutes.  Best on the market.  I do not recommend any other sparkler as they will

smoke up your wedding, are hard to light and may not burn to the end.  Call 281-216-7247 or 281-216-7257 to order.

Gender  Cakes
We have not found any fireworks that break into true blue or pink?  The quality is very poor and hard to tell what the color is!  Our recommendation is to go to and look at gender smoke.  Much better results.