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Discount Fireworks of Texas

Serving Dallas & Houston Metro Areas with name brand products at wholesale prices.
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Texas Fireworks Season


There are three new fireworks seasons in Texas, starting in 2016: 

     (1)   Texas Independence Day – February 25th to March 2nd

(2)   San Jacinto Day – April 16th to April 25th

(3)   Memorial Day – May 25th to May 30th


We will not open our stand for these new seasons in 2016.  But, we will ship "case quantities only" to your location, provided your county recognizes these holidays.  Due to the circumstances, we will charge for freight.  Allow for 4 days shipping.



Next regular season is June 24th - July 4th. You may place your order anytime!  This makes sure that you get your product when you come to pick it up or we deliver. 

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We are located at:  25085 FM 1314, Porter, Texas  77365.  We offer the lowest prices in the Houston Area (prices include the 10% sales tax).  Prices listed on our web page are good at our Porter facility. In addition, you can get volume discounts:

  1. $200 - $750                 = 10%
  2. $750 - $1,500              = 15%
  3. $1500 - $3,000            = 20%
  4. Over $3,000                = 25%


Order From Website
Must Order by June 25th

  1. By phone:  (281) 216-7247 or if no answer (972) 832-7248
  • We will take your order over the phone.
  • We will send you an invoice via Email
  • When Order is confirmed, we will bill your 50% deposit via PayPal
  1. By*
  • Email items you want to buy
  • We will return an invoice with discounts.
  • When order is confirmed, we will bill your 50% deposit via PayPal

4.  Deposit:  All special orders require a 50% deposit (No Exceptions).  

  • Deposit due June 17th for June 24th orders.
  • Deposit due June 24th for July 1st orders.
Special Order Pickup and Delivery Procedures
Minimum Order $250.00


Special orders can be picked on July 2nd as follows:
        1.  Porter - 10 am-10 pm.
        2.  Combine - 2 pm-5 pm.  **


Special orders can be picked as follows:
        1.  Little Elm (North Dallas Area) - July 2nd at 4:00 pm  **

        2.  Ft Worth - July 1st at 4:00 pm**
        3.  Columbus (West Houston Area) - July 2nd at 1:00 pm **
**We do not stock any product at these locations

Product Warranty

We guarantee what we sell.  If any of our products do not perform as described we will gladly replace the item or refund your money!